Hancock Meetinghouse bench

Project: Hancock Meetinghouse bench
Location: Madrid, ES
Date of realization: May 2016
Dimensions: 1200 x 280 x 400 (l, w, h)

This bench is a short version of the original Hancock meetinghouse bench.
The wood used is Douglas fir with an oil-wax finish.



Douglas fir
is one of the world's best timber producers and yields more timber than any other tree in North America. The wood is used for dimensional lumber, timbers, pilings, and plywood. Creosote treated pilings and decking are used in marine structures. The wood is also made into railroad ties, mine timbers, house logs, posts and poles, fencing, flooring, pulp, and furniture. Douglas fir is used extensively in landscaping. It is planted as a specimen tree or in mass screenings. It is also a popular Christmas tree.

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