Project: Cradle
Location: Vitoria, ES
Date of realization: April 2016
Dimensions: 900 x 400 x 400 (length, width, height)

This cradle or bassinet is the result of a workshop with two brothers, one a physicist,with a phd incomputational neuroscience, a dreamer, poet and wanderer and the other a materials science engineer.
One of the conclusions we have reached in this eight days workshop was:
woodworking is the transfer of planes in a chain in which the final shape of the object preexists in the previous plane. The perfection of the object is each and the sum of all these planes. Each step then demands perfection in itself. Each step is the object.


Scots pine

In Scandinavian countries, Scots pine was used for making tar in the preindustrial age. Some active tar producers still exist, but mostly the industry has ceased.[8][9] The pine has also been used as a source of rosin and turpentine.