Since the release of the documentary Un Trabajo Feliz in November 2013 I have received several feeedbacks, suggesting and or requests for workshops. These always have been on my mind since starting this project. Nevertheless specifications on content, time schedules, fees etc. have not been detailed yet. There are various plans in the making. Following are the ideas currently under development:

Workshops that could be titled as:

  • Getting to know the hand tools of a cabinetmaker
  • Getting to know the power tools of a cabinetmaker
  • Sharpening of chisels and plane blades
  • Hand planing, tuning your plane, what plane for which work
  • Diy with wood, basic skills and techniques, cutting, drilling, screwing, glueing
  • Kids and parents together building a simple piece of furniture
  • Wood joinery

For all of these I imagine small groups to intensify the learning experience. In order to better meet your needs and define these workshops in detail it will be helpful to know which of those titles you find interesting and or what you would like to learn. so if you are interested in learning about working with wood let me know at