Hancock kitchen table

Project: Hancock kitchen table
Location: Madrid, ES
Date of realization: Mayo 2016
Dimensions: 1750 x 750 x 740 (length, width, height)

The Hancock kitchen table es a short version of the Hancock dining table.
The wood used is , just as for the longer version, white oak with an oil-wax finish.



Quercus alba
White oak has tyloses that give the wood a closed cellular structure, making it water- and rot-resistant. Because of this characteristic, white oak is used by coopers to make wine and whiskey barrels as the wood resists leaking. It has also been used in construction, shipbuilding, agricultural implements, and in the interior finishing of houses.
It was a signature wood used in mission style oak furniture by Gustav Stickley in the Craftsman style of the Arts and Crafts movement.
White oak is used extensively in Japanese martial arts for some weapons, such as the bokken and jo. It is valued for its density, strength, resiliency and relatively low chance of splintering if broken by impact, relative to the substantially cheaper red oak.


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